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Class Descriptions



Street dance classes are perfect for adults who have danced before or is a fun way to cardiovascular fitness glory, as opposed to running on a treadmill or riding a bike up a hill.

We look at my different styles of dance in this class hiphop, commercial, lyrical, jazz, burlesque. Follow the flow of the rhythms and stylise your moves to look cool funky and fresh! Putting locking and popping into routines find your urban and commercial street style. 

Our Street Dance Classes with Jade comprise of commercial and urban street styles. This is an introduction to street dance, combining basic moves and techniques to form fun extended routines.  Street Dance is graceful, powerful and will challenge your body. It is a freestyle dance: throughout the course you will explore several different styles of street dance and begin building the vocabulary of movement to help you learn to freestyle with confidence and flair.

Cover different styles of street dance, inspired by the latest music videos and popular dance crazes.
Explore core street - Jazz, commercial and/or urban dance technique
Learn about posture and position in dance as well as attitude and expression
Lose inhibitions and gain confidence in your ability to freestyle
Develop greater stamina and increase fitness level
Learn exciting street routines
Improve coordination, strengths and musicality

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